Failure To Diagnose

A central element of successful health care is the timely and accurate diagnosis of a patient's medical condition. If a physician does not understand what condition he or she is treating, there is no hope of the treatment resolving the issue at hand. Failure to diagnose errors can occur in any medical care setting from surgery to outpatient care and involve misread X-rays, CT scans or MRIs as well as misunderstanding the symptoms a patient is presenting.

Failure to diagnose cases fall into two categories:

  • Incorrect diagnosis — Incorrectly identifying a medical condition can lead a physician to prescribe treatment that may not only be ineffective, it may actually be harmful. Certain treatments may have adverse interactions when paired with conditions they were not meant to treat.
  • Lack of timely diagnosis — Even a correct diagnosis can be harmful when it does not arrive in time. A number of medical conditions are highly time-sensitive. If treatment is not provided within a certain time frame, it may be too late. Heart attack, stroke and cancer are just some of the types of medical conditions that need timely treatment to be effective.

When you or a loved one has been injured, or an injury was exacerbated by a failure to properly diagnose a medical condition, our skilled attorneys can help.

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