Lack Of Informed Consent

Your doctor owes you a duty to fully inform you about the medical procedure he or she may perform on you as well as securing your consent to the procedure. Failure to fully inform the patient about the procedure invalidates consent. A person cannot consent to something that he or she is not fully aware of.

Were You Told What To Expect? Did Something You Were Not Told About Happen?

Without informed consent, the practical application is that a doctor can be responsible for injuries even when he or she performed the medical procedure according to all applicable medical standards. If a patient was unaware of a particular type of potential complication, for example, he or she may have chosen to forego the medical procedure or chosen a different type of treatment. Unless the patient has consented to a full description of the risks and the procedure, consent is not complete and therefore not valid.

Cases where lack of informed consent occurred are uncovered the fact. A complication that was not discussed may have occurred. You may be wondering why you had not heard of that complication beforehand. You should have. And if injuries resulted, we can help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

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At Finger & Finger, a Professional Corporation, our firm recognizes the subtlety that can be a part of claims for lack of informed consent. For the patient, it can feel like a very personal violation to have a medical procedure that he or she was not fully informed on performed on him or her. You trusted your doctor and found that you were put at risk in a way that you were not told about ahead of time. No one should have his or her ability to control his or her medical care circumvented like that. Our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience that allow us to build cases that deliver results for those who have been injured.

Attorneys Helping Those Injured By Surgical Errors In Westchester County

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